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SPEC FLOORS is a market leader in flooring skill, creativity and technology. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and in delivering value at every interaction. Our 20+ years of industrial and commercial flooring experience, both locally and internationally, assure you of far more than a competitively priced, application appropriate flooring remedy.

We deliver purpose suited turn-key flooring solutions.

HACCP International Certified

SPEC FLOORS are certified applicators  of HACCP approved flooring systems.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a globally recognized Food Safety Program that means food and beverage producers can rest assured their facilities will meet standards for safe procurement, production and processing.

Implementing the HACCP management system helps to safeguard facilities from contaminants spoiling produce and causing foodborne illnesses. The floor plays a crucial role in addressing these risks, as an inadequate finish can become a prime site of bacteria build-up.

SPEC FLOORS has been accredited with HACCP International certification thanks to its ability to meet the stringent flooring requirements of food industry regulators. These requirements include maintaining a seamless, impervious and easy to clean surface despite the intense working conditions of large-scale food industry facilities.

SPEC FLOORS flooring range has been identified as food-safe for use in wet and dry food handling areas such as kitchens, production areas and processing areas operating a HACCP based Food Safety Program, noting the conditions of the certification statement SSZ.

HACCP International operates a world-renowned product certification scheme for equipment, materials and services used within the global food and beverage sector – confirming a product’s suitability for use within food businesses that operate to the world’s highest standards.

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