Polyurethane Flooring

In a high traffic, high impact industrial environment it is critical that floors are resistant to damage, reliable under demanding conditions & safe to work on for employees For this reason many businesses choose polyurethane floors to ensure durability, safety & resilience. It offers protection against damage; it helps to prevent slipping & is an attractive final touch to your floors. These benefits make polyurethane an appealing choice for heavy duty & highly visible areas.

Polyspec Anti-Microbial

2mm – 4mm Thickness

Today’s intense focus on sanitation standards and cleanliness means that hygiene has to be factored into the very fabric of a building. An          antimicrobial agent is homogenously distributed throughout the floor to enhance on-site hygiene levels by complementing floor cleaning and sanitation practices between wash cycles.

  1. Food & Beverage Industry
  2. Pharmaceutical Industry
  3. Cargo Packaging & Packaging Areas
  4. Cosmetic & Health Care Industry
  5. Factories, Warehouses & Workshop
  6. Chemical Processing Areas

Polyspec Anti-Static

3.5mm – 6mm Thickness

Electro-static discharge (ESD) can pose a threat to sensitive electronic equipment, and in environments that handle volatile gases, powders, liquids or other substances it can even be a potentially dangerous ignition source. This charge can quickly build up within a floor when subjected to regular traffic from people and wheeled equipment. To minimize these concerns, a controlled electrostatic protected area (EPA) can be created by installing an epoxy coating that safely dissipates electrostatic charge to ground faster than it accumulates.

  1. Ammunition & Explosives Industry
  2. Electronics Production & Assembly
  3. Computer Server Rooms
  4. Paints & Solvents Storage Areas
  5. Chemical Processing & Decanting Plants
  6. Chemical Containments Zones

Polyspec Sport

Indoor composite surface, designed and fabricated to provide a vibrant and flexible surface for use in multi-use gymnasium and indoor sports venues such as Sports halls, fitness Suites, yoga studios & gymnasiums.

  1. Cushioned Effect – Spring & Give in the Floor
  2. Attractive Range of Bright colors
  3. Eliminates Glare and Light Reflection
  4. Resilient and Flexible Coating
  5. Hard Wearing – Abrasion and Impact Resistant Finish
  6. Seamless Hygienic Surface – Easy to Clean and Maintain
  7. Can be used in conjunction with under-floor heating.